The name Mit Rehan combines both pharaonic and Arabic languages. The word “Mit” meaning a passage or pathway in hieroglyphic and “Rihan” meaning the basil herb in Arabic; which was believed to open the gates of heaven in ancient Egypt. Combined together both words form a unique Egyptian name, meaning the basil pathway.

Established in 1985 by Nazli Kazrouni, Shahira Mehrez and Cherine Fahmi, who found a niche in the Egyptian market for tasteful ready-made furniture. Together the group of friends shared a dream of producing fine quality furniture that would style every home exclusively. Every design is made using the finest craftsmen in Egypt, together with the best imported woods and rich veneers, handcrafted and hand-laid then carefully and meticulously finished. Dedicated to the philosophy of careful attention to detail and tasteful creativity; Mit Rehan strives to create the most beautiful and luxurious furniture, compatible with every lifestyle.

Today the Mit Rehan name symbolizes superior quality and craftsmanship. We envision, invent, style, and fashion. We push ourselves to achieve the extraordinary. Our mission is to create innovative, functional and high quality furniture that will style your home for generations to come.